Moose Jaw Dog Club

Zoe is a female boxer who came from a rescue in California at an age of approxiamately 8 months old. When we got her she afraid of all people and only would take to our male boxer Ozzie to calm her down. Over the 6 years we have had her it has taken a lot of patience and time to get any amount of trust from her. Through socialization and starting her in agility she has made great steps to get out of her shell. The tunnels and jumps have been her favorite and she is doing great in that aspects. It hasn't been till this year that she has done the bridge and the wall. The teeter is still a no go but to see the change from when we first got her, carry her to and from class as well as lift her onto the contacts, it is an achivement words cannot describe. This took many years and patience from her handler to get where they are at now.